Question: How do I save a permission note on the iPad?

Answer: 1. On the "permission Notes" screen, tap and hold your finger on the note you would like to save, then select "copy". 2. Open up safari (or any other web browser) 3. Open a blank tab by clicking the + on the far right 4. Tap in the URL bar and press "paste" 5. Select "Open in..." on the right hand side under the + button (you may need to tap the PDF for this to appear) 6. Choose "Open in iBooks" The PDF has now been saved to your iPad Emailing and Printing: 1. Open the PDF in iBooks 2. Click the button 3rd from the right at the top left (looks like an arrow coming out of a box - again you may have to tap the PDF for this menu to appear). 3. Email or Print the PDF.