Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How does the keypad on the tablet disappear after I have finished entering player names?

Answer: There are a number of ways to dimiss the onscreen keypad once you are finished with it depending on the tablet you are using. You can either: 1. Touch any blank space on the screen outside the text box. 2. On an android tablet, there will be a down arrow (almost like a V) under the keyboard that will hide it. 3. On an iPad there is a button at the bottom right that looks like a keyboard with an arrow under it, this will hide the keyboard.

Question: Can I 'Send results' if I am not connected to the internet? (No WiFi or Cellular Data)

Answer: Yes, you can. Pressing "send results" when not connected to the internet will save the results to the device, all you have to do is open the application back up to the home screen when you get back within range of WiFI or Cellular Data, and wait a few moments. The app will take care of the rest. If for some reason your results are still not showing up, navigate to another page then back to the home page to force it to refresh.

Question: How do I change from sport to sport?

Answer: You can change the current sport by tapping on the sport icon on the menu bar and then selecting the sport you want to switch to. From here on in, the application will operate under the context of that sport, showing only events, scoresheets and ladders for the sport you have selected.

Question: How do I score?

Answer: The score taking process depends on the sport you are scoring. For most cases, all you need to do is tap the cell you would like to alter the score of and press either the green plus or the red minus to change the score. For sports like cricket, rounders and tee ball, where players can be sent off, a blue X will be present. Select a cell and press this button to mark a player out. When using the app in your web browser at - the score buttons will be removed and you will be able to manually add in the scores for each field, using a capital X for out. In all cases, running totals will be calculated by the application.

Question: How do I return to the previous screen after I have finished viewing a map or a permission note.

Answer: There is a blue "done" button at the bottom left of the popup window. Pressing this will return you to the screen you were previously at.

Question: How do I upload a permission note?

Answer: If you are a district coordinator, or a school teacher, you can log into the website at and click the permission notes button in the menu at the top of your screen. You can then click the "New Permission Note" button. Just fill out the form, and upload a .PDF of the permission note you wish to create. If you are a district coordinator, you will need to pick a school you would like to associate the permission note with.

Question: What is the preferred format to save a permission note?

Answer: The preferred format is Portable Document Format, or .PDF. You can save any word document as a PDF by clicking "save as.." from the file menu and then selecting PDF from the format drop down box.

Question: How do I save a permission note on the iPad?

Answer: 1. On the "permission Notes" screen, tap and hold your finger on the note you would like to save, then select "copy". 2. Open up safari (or any other web browser) 3. Open a blank tab by clicking the + on the far right 4. Tap in the URL bar and press "paste" 5. Select "Open in..." on the right hand side under the + button (you may need to tap the PDF for this to appear) 6. Choose "Open in iBooks" The PDF has now been saved to your iPad Emailing and Printing: 1. Open the PDF in iBooks 2. Click the button 3rd from the right at the top left (looks like an arrow coming out of a box - again you may have to tap the PDF for this menu to appear). 3. Email or Print the PDF.

Question: What do I do if I am at school and I can't connect?

Answer: You may need to check with your IT department to make sure that your iPad has been configured correctly to use the school's network.

Question: Q: What do I do if 'Incorrect username/password' appears after I try to log in?

Answer: If you are certain that the password and username combination that you used is correct, close the app and remove it from the multi-tasking tray on the ipad (double tap home, long press on the ischoolsports icon and press the red icon). Then re-open the app and log in again. If you are still unable to login, go to click "login" then click "I forgot my password" and follow the prompts to reset your password.