iSchoolSports aims to make sports administration easy, simple and effective.

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iSchoolSports for District Coordinators

As a District Coordinator you will be in charge of your district. You'll be able to manage events, send out important news as well as manage rule sets to align to the way you play in your district. You can also confirm the results of each week's play which will automatically update the ladder for your district.

iSchoolSports for Teachers

As a Teacher, you'll be able to score the games that your kids play as well as send results to your district coordinator to review before confirming them to update the ladder.

iSchoolSports for Parents and Students

As a Public User, you will have access to the main areas of the application to view your school's position on the ladder, view any important news updates, download and print permission notes and see the term's fixture, right in the palm of your hand!